I’ve been “out” for awhile and yesterday when i was at Facebook reading all the artists/labels pages i notice that TUFF EM UP had a lot of fresh stuff, so i thought to myself that it be could to do a review about all that!



We can start with Redial that made a superb remix for Barretso, you all may know that any Barretso track is full of synths, but that wasn’t a problem for Mr. Rob Redial, if you still have any doubt about it, just check the remix.


http://soundcloud.com/redial/barretso-celeste-redial (Free download)





Another big news about TUFF EM UP is that they are going to release this month a fantastic compilation of tracks and to celebrate that they decided to give us a little preview and ask aUtOdiDakT to do a 30 minutes mixtape.

So prepare yourself to this mind blowing mix!





Despite all the “gifts” so far, TUFF EM UP gave us some more freebies, like this Eternal September & Pelussje EP called “Coresplash (Frogspalsh Cover)”.

You guys remember this track?

Well that was the track that “created” this EP, Eternal September decided to cover that track and ask some friends to remix the cover.

The final result was epic and it’s available to download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?cbh54a2g1mi3w4i






To finish this post we’re going to talk about The S and DJ Antention.

They are both going to release some new stuff (The S – Death & Rainbows & Dj Antention – Weapon of War) and we can guarantee to you that it’s going to tear your tears off.

We can’t post their new stuff, but we are going to let a little teaser for you.


The S – Death & Rainbows EP – TEASER


Dj Antention – That it ( Preview )




Thi is the end of this post, we would like to thank all the guys from Trashbags and TUFF EM UP (thanks for those promos) and keep up the excellent work that you are doing!



~ by Power Noize on June 27, 2011.

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