Mixtape For The Masses # 7



Another Mixtape for The Masses just for you, my dear fans!



Today we start with a big monster straight from Hell, our mate WASA3I.
As usual he uses his golden mixing skills to blow our minds.


WASA3I for Love Electro Festival | Summer Edition 2011 Exclusive Mixtape



I started following Doc Trashz after he started working with Blatta & Inesha at the “My Lady Don’t Mind EP”

Recently he made a great mixtape and at this moment he’s preparing a new EP!





After some noizy mixtapes, we go to some “acid” mood, we start with AutoKratz!


AutoKratz present Bad Life at Space Ibiza



Has a big fan of Boys Noize Records, i always include a mixtape made by any of their artist, so today i choose Shadow Dancer (which will be at Optimus Alive Festival)


SHADOW DANCER // Al’s 4:43am Mix // (June 2011)



Now let’s chill back a little and listen to this fantastic mixtape made by Aeroplane at their usual series of monthly mixtapes.


Aeroplane June 2011 Mix



The next mixtape was made by The magician and i guess that his name says it all, pure magic!!


Magic Tape Twelve




Today we bring to you 3 mixtapes made in Portugal by Mister Teaser, Deep Press and Go-Go nuts.

Each one with a different flavor, just so i can please everyone!


Let’s start with Go-Go Nuts that bring us some fidget/tropical bassline which just fits so well in this time of the year!


‘CHIMP-A-BASS!’ mixtape!



The next one slows down the bpm’s and gives some Dubstep, tech sonority!


Deep:Press 20.05.2011 Mixtape



To finish this section i “called” Mister Teaser and he brought to us Nu disco tunes!


A Misturinha

Amateur Mixtape of the Week

Some days ago i asked our facebook followers to send me some mixtape that they’ve madeand wanted to see them being promoted!

After listening to all i choose a mixtape made by Kill Shot, so i hope that you all take 30 minutes of your time and listen to it.

Kill Shot @ Be Yourself 1st Open Air



~ by Power Noize on June 28, 2011.

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